Water meter wells

Water meter wells

The Producer of the water -meter wells – the company Wobet-Hydret offers wells which can be installed in every area, irrespective of conditions soil-grown-aquatic. The Structure of the water-meter wells ensures the airtightness and protects the installed inside devices. The access to the inside of the well is held through the revisory manhole about the diameter c 0.6 flat In order to prevent the water meter well from there is a  concreto pack (in bottom part).It is  made according to the delivered manual, makes the protection of the well against buoyancy possible.


As an additional equipment, there are offeredsome  flanges ( installed inside wells). In case of ordering them one should exactly determine space, enabling to put the appropriate equipment. The offered tangencies include the scope from PE 32 to PE 110. If it is required, more than two tangencies depending on the water meter well can be made.


Approximate prices of chosen water meter wells  you can find in our price list. In order to establish details we invite you to the contact directly with the producer of the water meter wells - with the company- Wobet-Hydret.


Technical parameters


 Type Diameter  Height Standard connections
SW80/1,8 0,8 m 1,8 m PE40
SW100/1,9 1,0 m 1,9 m  PE40 
SW120/1,8 1,2 m 1,8 m  PE50 
SW120/2,0 1,2 m  (1,5 m)-2,0 m  PE50 
SW150/2,0  1,5 m (1,5 m)-2,0 m  PE63 
SW200/2,0 2,0  m  (1,5 m)-2,0 m  PE75