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Sail of the Development

Expo Masuria


I Building Building Solutions Fair

Gold medal

the VI Fair of the Interbud Construction

I Place "best make"

The XV Cracow Fair of the Construction

Of Lauras of the Fitter

Golden Fitter

Murator 2001

Leader of the Ecological Construction

Opinion poll Euro-Partner

The most attractive stall

The V All-Polish Ecological Fair EKO-TOR

First prize

The V All-Polish Ecological Fair EKO-TOR

Gold medal


Main award

Installation Fair

Product of the Year


Gold medal

Foire Internationale De Poznan

Award of the Audience


Competition for the best make

The XV Cracow Fair of the Construction Spring 2000

Cup of the department head of the Construction of the sanitary engineering

UWM in Olsztyn

About company

Wobet-Hydret is a renowned Polish producer of sewage treatment plants based in Wola Grzymkowa (near Łódź), operating throughout the country and abroad. Currently, the company's specialty is drainage sewage treatment plants and biological sewage treatment plants, but also drainage tanks, water meter wells, sewage wells or sewage pumping stations.




Home drainage or biological sewage treatment plants (ZBS based on bioreactors and ZBB)

- Containers of rainwater

- Sewer wells

Containers offered by the holding producer e and tight septic tanks are covering the period from 2 m3 to 75 m3.

Wells and water-meter wells complete, sold without accessories (fittings). Check more!

In the stock of producer the pumping statios are intended to pump initially cleaned sewers up.

Separators intended the sewage treatment before leading them into a sewer system.